You are a drone pilot and do not know exactly what the new EU drone regulation means for you?

Then you feel the same as most other drone pilots. And we can fully understand you, as there are many new laws regarding future drone operations in the European Union.

You've probably already heard about the new EU drone regulation, otherwise, you probably wouldn't be here 😉 And you probably have quite a few question marks in your head about what exactly is coming up for you now. You've probably spent a lot of time in various Internet forums, Facebook communities, or with the help of YouTube videos to inform. But somehow you don't know any better than you did before. On the contrary, all this information confuses you more than it helps you. Your most urgent questions, such as "Can I still use my old drone?" or "What training do I need to complete in the future to continue flying legally?" have not been answered or have been answered contradictorily. You may even already be thinking about hanging up your hobby or drone business because a very bleak picture is being painted about the new EU drone laws.

And maybe you have already realized that in the future you will need a license to fly in the open category. In your search for a suitable flight school, you may have found that there are only a few weeks of free dates, that they are not really flexible, and you probably also have quite a long journey. And all this without knowing what quality you will get for your money.

And, as always, you need the drone license preferably yesterday, you want to get started right away, of course, and you definitely need maximum flexibility as well.

Fortunately, we have just the right solution for your needs.

The Ultimate Drone License Online Course for the Open Category

Our innovative and well-structured online course takes you by the hand and guides you through the paragraph jungle of the new EU drone regulation. At the end of the course, you will know what you are allowed to do and what you are not allowed to do. It also prepares you perfectly for the exam. And of course, you can take the exam completely online, from the comfort of your own home. The course is available 24/7 and you can start right away. This is the fastest and most comfortable way to get your drone license!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

After you have enrolled, you can start learning right away and have access to all content. You can expect beautifully designed video lessons, many practice questions and a lot of bonus material. Like most students, you will be ready for the exam after about 3 days. And after you have passed the exam you will receive your digital license directly by e-mail.

  • 24/7 Availabel

    You can learn when you want, where you want. Around the clock, no matter what device you use. Whether a laptop, tablet, or smartphone, with us it simply works! And of course you can start your course right away without any waiting time.

  • Lifetime Access

    Did you know, that you have to renew your license every 5 years? With us, you can then simply prepare for the exam again for free. Of course, the contents are constantly updated so that you can always keep up to date.

  • Online Examination

    We are the first recognized entity in the world, where you can do your A2 drone license (Remote Pilot Certificate Of Competency) completely online! This means that you can take the exam wherever you want. For example from the comfort of your couch.

  • Personal Support

    Online courses are great. But you lack the personal touch? No problem! Your Personal Coach Jan will answer your questions from face to face in the Ask-the-Coach video meetings every week. And if it's more urgent, you can contact us at any time via mail, chat, or telephone.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

You probably feel the same as most of our other customers: besides a busy schedule, you don't find the time to attend a seminar lasting several days to get your drone license. With us you get maximum flexibility in time and place. And that is what our customers love, besides an awesome learning experience.

Martin Rinderknecht


A great addition to my existing pilot license. Good online question catalog, great explanatory videos, well-structured and practice-oriented. Thanks! Very recommendable.

Stefan Müller

Founder | Schwebewerk

Although I have been flying professionally for quite a long time, I have learned a lot. Since we are on the road a lot, we cannot participate in a seminar lasting several days. The lessons are super prepared and prepare perfectly for the exam. Absolutely recommend!!!

Dirk Treske


The best for me as a freelancer! Being able to access the topic anywhere and anytime! The blocks are well prepared and Jan is always helpful and competent! I can only recommend it.


We have packed even more into this incredible package: You get an extra course in which you learn the most important flight maneuvers for the practical part. We also guarantee that you will pass. And of course, we have negotiated a few special deals with our partners for you to get exclusive discounts with them.

  • Basic Flight Training*

    Did you know that in order to get the A2 license you have to make a self-declaration about practical flight training? And you probably think now: Ok, what do I have to do, and above all, how do I do it? This is exactly what you get explained in this bonus course. With the help of video lessons, we will explain to you exactly how you can learn the individual maneuvers of the flight exam and how you can perform them later safely. Together we will go through a complete flight. Starting with the flight preparation, over the normal and emergency procedures up to the debriefing after the flight. At the end of the course, you will receive an automatically filled-out certificate with which you can confirm the execution of the training to the national aviation authority. *not yet available

  • Passing Guarantee

    We are confident that we offer the best method to obtain the open category drone license. And that is why we guarantee that you will pass! With us, you don't just have one attempt, but as many as you need to pass. So you have no risk to take the drone license with us because you will pass!

  • Exclusive Discounts

    We have negotiated some exclusive discounts for you with our partners from the network. For example, you can buy your equipment at Globe Flight at a lower price. You can save a lot of money. If you buy a DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise Thermal you will save about 165€! We also offer discounts on insurance, software and much more.

Dein persönlicher Coach

M.Sc. Jan Evers

Jan ist dein Personal Coach im Online-Kurs. In diesem Themengebiet ist er ein absoluter Profi. Die letzten 10 Jahre hat er nicht nur Drohnen konstruiert und programmiert, sondern sie auch erfolgreich bei großen Filmproduktionen wie “Deutschland von Oben”, diversen Tatorten und unzähligen Werbefilmen für McDonald’s, Porsche, und viele mehr eingesetzt! Durch seine Arbeit als Airline Pilot bringt er viel Know-How aus der professionellen Fliegerei mit. Als Master of Science der Elektrotechnik kennt er zudem die technischen Zusammenhänge bestens. Durch seine Zeit als Ausbilder für Airline Piloten an einer renommierten Flugschule, kann er die Lerninhalte gut aufbereiten und vermitteln.
Jan Evers als Airline Pilot im Cockpit

Here’s what people are saying about Jan:

Most of our customers appreciate Jan's relaxed and highly professional way of explaining difficult and sometimes dry facts in a simple, understandable and at the same time interesting way. They also love the fast and uncomplicated support.

Janna Möbus


I liked the super structured subject areas, which were very logical and easy to understand, as well as the extremely professional competence of Jan and his staff, who always answered questions very promptly and competently.

Christian Grewe


Jan is very helpful and calls back when you need an urgent answer. The online availability of the course is great, you can access the content anywhere and anytime without any hassle. Jan takes all the time in the "Ask the Coach hour" to answer all questions, even if the hour is 5 minutes longer.

Kai Behning

Pilot | FIZpix

After a successful exam I have to say that Jan's course convinced me: clearly structured, difficult topics well explained and always target-oriented with a direct approach. I partly had the feeling to be in an interactive classroom training and not alone in the online training. Really great!

Let's Sum it Up - Here is everything what you get!

✅ A1/A3 & A2 Test Prep Online Course

To help you prepare for the drone license exam in the open category, we have developed a great course for you where you can learn all exam-relevant content quickly and easily. This course not only saves you a lot of time but also gives you a lot of extra knowledge besides the actual exam content.

Value: 200€

✅ A2 Online Examination

Of course, you want to get your A2 Drone License in the end. With us, you can do the exam completely online from the comfort of your home. Besides saving traveling costs, this saves you your valuable time. And in times of COVID-19, it even protects your health.

Value: 100€

✅ Basic Flight Training*

Here we teach you all the flight maneuvers required to pass the practical self-training. Your Coach will also give you valuable hints generated from more than 10 years flight (instructor) experience. When you are a beginner and want to learn all the maneuvers which are required for the declaration of the practical self-training you would normally attend a course lasting 2 days minimum. *not yet available

Value: 400€

✅ Lebenslanger Zugriff

Wie Du wahrscheinlich weisst, musst Du deine Lizenz alle 5 Jahre erneuern. Das Gute bei uns: Weil Du lebenslang Zugang zu den ständig aktualisierten Inhalten hast, musst Du nicht jedes Mal wieder für die Vorbereitung bezahlen. Angenommen, Du fliegst von heute an für die nächsten 25 Jahre Drohnen. Dann müsstest Du deinen Drohnenführerschein 4 Mal erneuern. Und nach Adam Riese und Eva Zwerg sind 4 x 200€ = …

Wert: 800€

✅ Wöchentliche Ask-the-Coach Videomeetings

Theoretisch kannst Du an jedem Ask-the-Coach-Treffen teilnehmen, um Deinem Coach Deine persönlichen Fragen zu stellen. Und wie Du weisst, ist guter Rat teuer. Wenn Du zum Beispiel einen guten Handwerker beauftragst, wird der Stundenlohn nicht unter 80€ liegen. Nehmen wir an, Du nimmst 4 Mal am Ask-the-Coach-Meeting teil, das entspricht einem Wert von…

Wert: 320€

✅ Passing Guarantee

Things don't always go out well in life and of course, it can also happen that you fail the exam. Normally you would have to pay the exam fee again. But not with us!

Value: 100€

✅ Maximum Flexibility

With us you can learn when you want & where you want. You can also book your own personal appointment for the exam. With us there are no deadlines or limits. You get the maximum flexibility!


Total Value


You see, you get a really valuable package. Since we also know that not everybody can or wants to afford it, but we still want to allow as many people as possible to get a proper education and an official license, we made our offer irresistible for you....

You decide what is right for you!

You can either pay for the bundle in one go or conveniently in 12 small monthly installments. The choice is yours!

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

  • Can I also take the exam with you as someone who does not live in Germany?

    Yes, no matter what country you are from, you can take the exam with us, completely online, as long as you meet the requirements. These are: -An A1/A3 drone license (no matter from which country). -A valid identity document -The practical self-declaration (you do this with us in the course) -Minimum 16 years old (soon we will also offer exams for under 16 year olds). So it doesn't matter if you live in Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Belgium,..., or even outside the EU, with us you can do your A2 drone license from the comfort of your own home.

  • Which license do I get in the end?

    After you pass your online exam, you will receive the drone license to fly in the A2 subcategory of the open category. The official wording for this is: Remote Pilot Certificate of Competence.

  • How long does it take to get a drone license?

    If you choose us, you have chosen the fastest way! Usually students need 3 days to prepare for the exam with the study materials. The exam itself takes 40 minutes. And directly after the exam you will receive your result which we will send directly to the German Aviation Authority

  • How does the online exam work?

    During the online exam, you will be monitored and recorded using multiple cameras. Before the exam starts, we guide you through a procedure to secure the room you are in. We create a safe exam environment so that you can take your exam relaxed 😉. Technically, you will need the following: You need a PC or laptop with webcam and microphone. You must have the Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge installed. You also need a smartphone with Android 4.1 or higher or iOS 8.0 or higher. Your internet connection should be stable and have an upload speed of at least 1 Mb/sec. Technisch gesehen benötigst Du Folgendes: Du benötigst einen PC oder Laptop mit Webcam und Mikrofon. Du musst den Google Chrome-Browser oder Microsoft Edge installiert haben. Außerdem brauchst Du ein Smartphone mit Android 4.1 oder höher oder iOS 8.0 oder höher. Deine Internetverbindung sollte stabil sein und eine Uploadgeschwindigkeit von mindestens 1 Mb/sec haben.

  • Are you an officially recognized entity?

    Yes, definitely! Copteruni is a recognized entity designated by the German Federal Aviation Authority to conduct the A2 drone license exam completely online. Our registration number is DE.PStF.008.

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Basically, we accept credit cards or PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account, you can use it as a guest. And if that doesn't work either, just send us an email and we will send you a classic invoice.

  • On which dates do exams take place?

    We usually offer exam appointments 3 days a week from 8:00 am to 8:00 pm every quarter-hour. Also on weekends. So there should be something for everyone. And if there is still nothing suitable, just send us a message with your desired date, and we will try to make it possible for you. Of course, you can book your desired date online and also postpone at any time, if something comes up.

  • I am Austrian and would like to take the exam at AustroControl, can I prepare for this with you?

    Yes, definitely! But you can only buy the online course without exam for only 199€. We cover the same exam topics as AustroControl.

If you have read this far,...

...I owe you a big "THANK YOU" for your interest in our course. It is always a pleasure to see how our students with their newly acquired license are building their own small business, traveling around the world and taking breathtaking pictures or surveying large construction sites with their drones. I really put a lot of work and heart and soul into this course. I would be very happy if I could also prepare you perfectly for the open category drone license exam. Hope, to hear from you soon 👋